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        Call for Submissions: VIDEODROME 2012 April 01 / 2012        
Call for Submissions:
VIDEODROME 2012 at The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
Deadline: April 1st 2012

Now accepting submissions of A/V works under 5 mins.

VIDEODROME is Toronto's foremost event for Visual Music and A/V culture since 2004. Visual Music is video and audio composition made from video edits, simultaneously video AND music where picture matches sound, cut for cut, beat for beat, rhythmic media work where sound and image are equally dominant. See examples here:

Based on the Cronenberg concept, VIDEODROME is an exercise in televisionary excess and sensory overload, video screening as party and vice-versa, in the words of dropFRAMEvideo: "bridging the gaps between the sofa, the club, and the gallery."

Works must be complete and received by April 1st by post at 193 Augusta, Toronto, ON, M5T 2L4
Or posted to a file-sharing service such as SENDSPACE.

Proposals for live performances or installations will also be considered.
VIDEODROME is administrated by Jubal Brown, dropFRAMEvideo, and Apocalypse Tomorrow.

Spring 2012, at The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto
More info on last years event here:

         REFLECTIONS ON 9/11 September 11 / 2011        

Sunday, September 11 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Cinecycle : 129 Spadina, [ Down the lane ]

For the 10th anniversary of the most significant media event of the 21st century 15 artists present video work about the events of Sept 11 2001 each remembering in their own way the thoughts, feelings and impacts of that day and examining media as weapon of mass terror.

including work by:
Augart, Daniel Borins , Dave Diaz, Sarin, Istvan Kantor, Jeremy Bailey, Jubal Brown, Kurkop, Nwodtlem, Pete OHearn, Skeeter, TalixZen, and more…
including a media tennis match with Superkoffee, Chrisgendo, MountainDewMann, ThatComputerPerson, Pilli10, Metzgorrre, Djninjalovemistake and Radock.

“the greatest work of art there has ever been” –Paul Virilio
http://apocalypsetomorrow. org/

         Back to School Stylez! September 10 / 2011        

Friday September 9th
Imperial Pub
54 Dundas St. East
$7 ($5 with student ID)

If you have to go back, you may as well go back in style! Off the rack and off the rails just for you: Punk rock / Industrial / Digital Hardcore / Experimental / AV music ... Plus this season's must-have accessory, the new Schizoid release, the Human Herd 7"!

the Anemics
the Phoeron
Brian Random
Unheimlich Manoeuvre

Outfit your head and ears and get in gear for a grooving term be it at your educational institution or in the school of life.

        Videodrome June 10 / 2011 me.php?sk=group_1746731592 54019

Videodrome is Toronto's foremost event for Visual Music and A/V culture. Visual Music is video and audio composition made from precise video edits, simultaneously video AND music where picture matches sound, cut for cut, beat for beat, creating an audiovisual synesthesia, a semi-Gesamtkunstwerk for the youtube generation.

Welcome to the Videodrome, the video arena, an exercise in televisionary excess.

Featuring visual music, live A/V performance and installation by: Augart, Bad Credit, bossFYTE, David Matton, Emad Dabiri, Felix Kalmenson, Istvan Kantor, John Chung, Jubal Brown, Kurkop, Kyle Duffield, Noel Middleton, nwodtleM, Ouananiche, Pete OHearn, Smearballs, TalixZen, Video Samurai

        T.V. TERRORISM: AUDIO/VISUAL ASSAULT October 30 / 2010        
Jubal Brown
Emad Debiri
dropFRAME rocks the Horse Hospital for a night of TV Terorism!

         VisionSonic 2010 - Week-end 1 October 22 / 2010        
Jubal Brown is playing at Vision Sonic 2010 - Weekend 1
Mains d'œuvres
1 Rue Charles Garnier
Saint-Ouen, France

        Assembly Presents AV October 22 / 2010        

10PM - 4AM


        Transient Constellations All-dayer October 16 / 2010        
nwodleM, Realicide, Shitmat and many more!
The Windmill
22 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton

        Videodrome April 17 / 2010        

Jubal Brown & dropFRAMEvideo presents:
Live Audio/Visual Overdose
April 17th 8pm 2010
Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
952 Queen St W Toronto
$5 door

"The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena, the Videodrome"
- Brian Oblivion, Videodrome (1983)

VIDEODROME is a one-night audio/visual overdose. An evening of live audio/video performances and playback by 20 local and international producers of A/V media works with a strong audio-visual link, visual music. Simultaneously video and music made from video edits, where picture matches sound, cut for cut, beat for beat, for a serendipitous sensory unity, a synesthesia with an emphasis on intensity, a semi-gemastaltkunst for the youtube generation.

The Video Battle is a competition of audio/visual media work, the A/V battle, the VIDEODROME. Developed from the idea of the hip hop DJ battle, artists will throw down fast and hard attempting to out flash each other with selections, cuts and mixes extreme, humorous and dangerous. Underlining the importance of competition as a driving force in the building of a relevant and volatile cultural community, artists compete for prizes and for glory and for the exaltation of the crowd. Winners are determined by a panel of experts and by the cheers and jeers of the audience/dance floor.

VIDEODROME is a collision of video art, mash-up, VJ culture, and experimental electronic music and contemporary club culture, bridging the gaps between the sofa, the club and the art gallery. An audio/visual assault striving for sensory overload in the interest of breaking down boundaries between audience and artist, sight and sound, observation and hallucination, perception and creation.

Come hear angel snares, see devil base kicks, you - are - invited!

Alana Didur
Ankixa Risk
Bad Credit
Emad Dabiri
Dave Diaz
David Matton
Istvan Kantor
Jubal Brown
Kyle Duffield
Pete OHearn
TV Sheriff

Videodrome Back

        Coresteppers V4.0 - Molten Metal Madness!!! February 24 / 2010        
DJBLNDR - Punkcore. Mixing punk/metal./grindcore with breakcore, hardcore, and whatever other cores she deems worthy.

Scartat - Mungle mashup madness mixing metal and jungle and whatever else he can mungle together.

The First Seed - Live vocal breakcore. Screaming vox and breakbeat fury glitched out chaos-pad style.

Jubal Brown - Intense A/V set. Pounding rhythmic often political and sometimes emotional audio/visual insanity.

Schizoid - Live Grindcore.

Unabomber - DJ set/live act. Rocking the metal guitar while mixing some of his own tracks with metal/jungle/hardcore/dubstep/electro tracks while a live drummer keeps it rolling.

TalixZen - Metalcore. *****This space was left blank intentionally***** 

visuals by Parul Io

$5 P.W.Y.C. 
Wednesday February 24th
Neutral - 349a College street (entrance on Augusta)

        Because We Love You ! February 12 / 2010        

SHITMAT (Wrong Music, Planet Mu)
The only North American appearance for the UK rave legend!
JONBOB (reppin’ Dartmouth, NS)
The Toronto debut of East Coast breakcore/dubstep madman!
The psydub enigma from the other side of Halifax Harbour!

Also featuring:
0=0 (Hardcore/Jungle/Melodic Rave)
SIDENOTE (Dubstep)
B7 (Hardcore)
DINGOKILLER (Genre Crushing)
PSYKLONE (Gabber/Breakcore)
ROLLS ROYCE (Happy Hardcore/Electro)
MEM.Rx (House/Mashup/Blog)
SPOKEY (Drum & Bass)
ARACHNOBAMA v. JAMMCAT (Mash-ups, Euro, JCore)

Video Performances by SKEETER, NWODTLEM and SHITMAT
Live projections by PARUL IO

February 12th, 2010 - 9:30pm-5am
DLM Studios (1610 Bloor Street West)
$15 all night
Presale tickets at Shanti Baba on Queen (416.504.5034).

        Coresteppers v1.0 November 25 / 2009        

Pete OHearn will be playing at Coresteppers v1.0. with TalixZen, RaxYor, C64, Meatparade, and Rubber Muffin.

November 25th 2009 - 10pm : Neutral
394a College Street @ Augusta (main entrance on Augusta)
$5 / P.W.Y.C.

        Why? Festival September 24 / 2009        
dropFRAME, Here's My Card Records, and Dros:tik Records are proud to present:
Why? Festiva 2009 !.
2 Nights of Underground Electronic Music.

      Contact us
Please read our submissions policy before submitting your work.

Booking and general Info:
dropFRAMEvideo [ at ]


      All my friends!
Here's My Card Records
Bass Driven
Lost Compound
Bugs Crawling Out of People
Tasman Richardson